How to Download Status on WhatsApp Plus (Tutorial)

Do you know that there are more than a hundred instant messaging protocols apart from WhatsApp like Telegram, Messenger, Truecaller Chat, Viber, IMO, and Skype, but why has WhatsApp grabbed a big pie?

It sounds cool and it’s not our work to think about that, but still, when wandering the reason behind that, we found the coolest feature which is available only on WhatsApp and not on those other instant messaging platforms – Statuses!

Yeah, you heard right! Status is the only additional feature that transports the coolest vibe to every WhatsApp user, with the ultimate desire of sharing what’s on their mind.

It offers us different types of Status updating capability, as you can update a picture, video, GIF, as well as text note as your WhatsApp Status. But do you know what’s the biggest problem with these statuses? WhatsApp doesn’t include any feature or option to download them.

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If it’s a text note or a picture, we can simply copy and take a screenshot of that, but what if you liked a video embedded on your friend’s WhatsApp wall? Lastly, the only option that remains for us is to ask them via a DM, or simply beg them for sharing that video with us, so that later we can use it too, as a status.

Download Status on WhatsApp Plus

Why get stuck to this kind of struggle, when you can simply download WhatsApp Plus APK and download the status of any of your contact using the below procedure –

After watching the above video, we hope you successfully comprehended the complete procedure of downloading WhatsApp Status from your contact’s WhatsApp Status wall.

Except that, if you’re still having some doubts related to the same, you can clear them using the below-listed text steps –

  1. Download and Install WhatsApp Plus APK from this web link, and verify your account first.
  2. Now, open the WhatsApp Plus on your smartphone.
  3. After opening the app, get to the Status section listed in the above section tabs.
  4. Open the WhatsApp status that you want to download.
  5. Finally, click the bottom-right corner download icon.
  6. Currently, you would glimpse there three options, Copy Caption, Save, and Share.
  7. If it’s a text status, you can click the copy button, and for videos and photos, you can download them using the Save button.

That’s all you need to do for downloading WhatsApp Status smoothly from your friend’s or relative’s status wall, without asking them for that little favor.

Additionally, the WhatsApp Plus APK also makes you capable to share that status promptly with any other friend or on your Status wall to take the simplicity to an advanced level.

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