Search and Send Web Images Directly From a Chat using WhatsApp Plus

Once in the old times, we only had a few media options to share details with our friends, which were images. We captured images, converted them into memories, saved them, and shared them with all our belonging members.

Later, we got the video recording privilege on cameras and smartphones, making it possible to create a full video of those running images in a realistic way. Currently, we’re living in a fully upgraded world including online media.

These days, you can use GIFs, web images, and web videos to share important knowledge or any emotion with your friends and family members. While running through the best instant messaging platform globally—WhatsApp—we found that there is an option to search and send instant GIFs, but no option for searching and sharing web images.

If I want to send a Merry Christmas image to my friend, I first need to search for it on Google, download it, and then share it with that contact.

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To vanish this struggle, and move on with the conventional technology, we’re here with an amazing scripted version of WhatsApp named WhatsApp Plus. This Plus version isn’t called Plus for nothing, but only after providing adorable features like Search and Send Web images.

Search and Send Web Images Directly From a Chat using WhatsApp Plus

Yeah, you can search through the internal-designed picture search engine on the WhatsApp Plus APK, and send it directly to a chat without changing between three different procedures.

Are you ready to make that vision possible with WhatsApp Plus APK? If Yes, you need to follow the simplistic procedure prescribed within the below listed YouTube video, without worrying a little bit about anything –

Keeping things in mind and grasping is calmer with text steps sometimes than that of the MP4 videos, right? Considering that, we’ve also listed below all the steps in text format that you need to follow to search and send web images directly from a chat using WhatsApp Plus –

  1. First of all, you’ve to download WhatsApp Plus and install it on your device.
  2. Next step, you’ve to verify your WhatsApp registered mobile number and grasp the old backup.
  3. Restart WhatsApp Plus App on your device.
  4. Now, open the contact to whom you want to send that web image.
  5. Click the top-right cornered three-dot Settings button for that particular contact.
  6. Now, click and open the Search Web section.
  7. Ultimately, inscribe the text that you want the picture of on the search menu.

At this moment, you would glimpse a huge list of images line-wise, providing you with the perfect photos that you want to send.

It’s a Google-based server and will provide you the images directly from Google, which you just need to click and send to the contact instantly.

So why are you waiting? Go and enjoy this feature ASAP on WhatsApp Plus APK.

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