How to Customize WhatsApp Plus Like a Pro (Tutorial)

Customization is everyone’s first right while using the Android Smartphones and all those Android APKs, but these days, people get restricted without root access to enjoy the exceptional customization features.

However, rooting also contains tremendous evil kinds of demerits that’ll stop you every time from doing what you want and will decrease your device’s capability frequently. In the same scenario, we won’t ever make you root your phone just for customizations.

Now, if you’ve seen your friends customize their phone’s WhatsApp application with a rooting device, we’re here to provide you with a more epic procedure of customizing the WhatsApp app like a PRO.

It’s a simplistic procedure and won’t require you to root your smartphone anyway. Here, this procedure starts with a new modified version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Plus. This app is what evolving this complete website like a pro, and contains universally the best WhatsApp mods.

Customize WhatsApp Plus Like a Pro

Once you turn at the official WhatsApp after using WhatsApp Plus, you’d feel damn inferior, as it’s the best version of WhatsApp ever developed. For helping you customize your interface like a professional, the WA Plus provides you with the below listed impeccable features –

  • Colors: Colors will help you change the complete interface gradients, which you always have seen in white and green. You can choose any gradient among thousands of colors and make your WhatsApp look epic.
  • Styles (Look and Feel): Here, inside the Style section, WhatsApp Plus includes 6 different variants of Emojis, hundreds of free font styles, hundreds of launcher icons, and tremendous epic notification icons, other than the official WhatsApp specs.
  • Settings: After having those exceptional customization features, you’d also see 10+ intense privileges like conversation cards, Always Online, Forward Limit, and many extreme features ready to deliver you the best WhatsApp compatibility.

Now, choosing all these settings and enjoying the heart of these would be the most simplistic after employing the procedure shown inside the below video and with the listed steps.

If the above video anyhow seems a little or more complicated for you, you can try using the below-listed text steps and enjoy customizing all the above listed extreme privileges on your own WhatsApp Plus APK

  1. First things first, click here, download, and install WhatsApp Plus on your device.
  2. Now, create your WhatsApp account or verify the old WhatsApp number at WhatsApp Plus.
  3. Finally, get back to the WhatsApp Plus homepage, and click the three-dot icon listed in the top panel.
  4. Now, open the Plus Settings from the three-dot menu.
  5. Click and open the Universal tab from the Plus Settings menu.
  6. There, you’ll get all the above-listed privilege settings, including the Colors, Styles, and Settings.

What’s your favorite color, favorite emoji variant, and favorite fonts? Choose them all on the above settings and enjoy glimpsing your WhatsApp with all your favorite interior designs.

What’s more? You’re also going to get amazed by the exceptional Settings there, which are impossible to get with the official WhatsApp application. Enjoy the universally epic version of WhatsApp right now!

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