How to Enable Always Online Feature on WhatsApp Plus (Tutorial)

We all have some important things to do every day and every time, simply the tasks which we can barely skip from our day plan.

However, between doing these tasks, it’s damn tough to keep the online business in mind and be online every single moment for listening to each of the clients’ queries.

In other words, we don’t know when someone is going to message us, and consequently, we can’t be online on WhatsApp every time.

What about having a feature inscribed inside the different privileged versions of WhatsApp to script an always online WhatsApp account. In simple words, an option that after enabling offers the always online protocol.

A protocol where no one is required to be online every time, and he can always do his prior tasks while being online on WhatsApp without it being opened in actuality.

Your dreams are about to become true, as here we’ve got the most successful MOD ever developed for the WhatsApp instant messaging protocol, named WhatsApp Plus Download.

Enable Always Online Feature on WhatsApp Plus

This Plus version of WhatsApp includes an Auto Always Online mode, where you can enjoy an eternally online presence of your account, even while you’re doing some other tasks on your WhatsApp.

It’s a convenient feature of WhatsApp Plus called Always Online, which you can enable instantly using the instructions shown inside the below video:

Completing the above video and enabling the Always Online mode on WhatsApp Plus will make you feel godlike. It’s legit, as when your rival’s business is starving because of an inferior online presence, you’re online every moment to solve their queries.

Just play this game with them, and whenever they’d message you, reply ASAP with humbleness. Follow the below steps and enable Always Online mode instantly on your WhatsApp Plus:

  1. Download and Install WhatsApp Plus APK on your phone and verify your WhatsApp number.
  2. Restart the App, and click the three-dot menu icon located in the top-right corner.
  3. Open the Plus Settings menu, and then choose the Universal tab under there.
  4. Click the Settings tab, and scroll down to search Enable Always Online toggle.
  5. After that, click that toggle to enable the Always Online feature on WhatsApp Plus.
  6. Restart WhatsApp Plus app, and now, you can glimpse the online notification on any other phone by switching off WhatsApp on your phone.
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That sounds like magic, right! From the current juncture here, you would be online on WhatsApp till the eternity, 24/7, 12 months, 100 years, until you won’t disable the Always Online feature or uninstall WhatsApp Plus.

Let your business survive on working hours, as well as non-working hours using the Always Online mode, and pitching the Auto-Reply feature with it.

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