How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp Plus (Tutorial)

Instant messaging technology gifted us the best fruits of the online communication array. We were once supposed to send telegraphs, postcards, and letters from the largest distance, which took more than a month per message to get delivered.

But these days, we’re embedded with the instant messaging technology, responsible for the instantaneous message delivering capability via using the internet.

Later, whenever we talk about instant messaging technology, the first prototype that comes to everyone’s mind is Facebook’s WhatsApp.

It was once a preowned company, but currently, Facebook is the sole owner of WhatsApp and includes a gigantic number of features related to instant messaging. These features are responsible for getting a gratified number of traffic and maximum messaging hours globally.

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Nevertheless, we’re yet stuck with some annoying things hidden behind the sarcastic features of WhatsApp, such as the Online Status. I’m not talking about the status section, but the Online phrase that you see below the contact you’re messaging.

Hide Online Status on WhatsApp Plus

Suppose if you’re online and you won’t like sharing that thing with others, to simply ignore some messages. In other words, if you want to seem to be online every time, and don’t want to share your online status with your friends, you need another version.

Revealing the most successful MOD version of WhatsApp, i.e., WhatsApp Plus APK. This Plus version is developed by mixing some privileged scripts responsible to provide you with features like Online status hiding.

You can stay online for the entire day now, without notifying your partner, annoying friends, business partners, and clients about that. Try downloading WhatsApp Plus now!

The above video will transport the simplest way to disable the online status of your WhatsApp account to the contacts you’re switched with.

Moreover, you can also try the below-listed text steps one by one to enable this MOD without watching the video –

  1. Firstly, download and install WhatsApp Plus to your Android device.
  2. Now, create your WhatsApp account, or verify your previous WhatsApp account with backup.
  3. Later, open the WhatsApp Plus, and click the top-right cornered three-dot icon.
  4. Now, click on the Plus Settings tab to open the Plus privileged settings.
  5. Choose the Privacy and Security tab from the Plus Settings menu.
  6. Inside that section, search the Hide Online Status section and enable the Freeze Last Seen tab there.
  7. Finally, get back to the WhatsApp Plus primary view, and click Restart WhatsApp from the same three-dot menu.

Soon, your WhatsApp Plus would get restarted with the enabled online status hiding feature. From this moment, anyone who’ll open your WhatsApp contact won’t see your online status there.

In simple words, you’re now freed from all those annoying friends and can use WhatsApp to complete important tasks and reply to important messages.

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