How to Send Images in High Resolution using WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp was first built only for text messaging, but after employing some advanced technologies, it rejoined all the other things you can see now there.

Currently, you can send images, voice notes, songs, videos, GIFs, Stickers, emojis, contacts, and almost everything virtually possible on these platforms.

However, after having such a beast kinda capability, still there are some limitations within the WhatsApp interface that you can merely overcome by using the WhatsApp Plus APK.

Currently, I’m talking about the image sending capability. When you’ll pick the official WhatsApp application and get through its interface to send pictures to your friends, you’ll find that you can only send pictures up to a particular resolution.

It merely means that you can’t send high-quality images with the WhatsApp app to your friends, relatives, or anyone.

Send Images in High Resolution using WhatsApp Plus

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Now, if you want to play with the quality, you can have it with WhatsApp Plus. This amusing MOD offers you the high-resolution picture sending ability, where you can send images up to 3 megabytes.

It’s an uncomplicated procedure that you can acknowledge through the below-provided video.

Moreover, we also have simplified the video partition by delivering you the crucial steps to take for enhancing the image resolution below –


  1. First things first! Download and Install WhatsApp Plus APK to your Smartphone.
  2. Now, open that app, and verify your account instantly.
  3. Open the WhatsApp Plus interface and click the top-right cornered three-dot menu icon.
  4. Tap the first option saying Plus Settings, and later you will Glimpse the Plus settings menu.
  5. On that same menu, click and open the “Universal tab.
  6. Inside that Universal menu, click the Settings tab.
  7. Finally, scroll down till you glimpse the Image/Video Mods section.
  8. Locate the “Send images in full resolution” tab and scroll it to the maximum of 3MB.

That’s it! Now, go back to the WhatsApp Plus messenger interface, and choose the contact whoever you want to send that image.

Employ the official image sending procedure, and this time, you can send high-resolution images, up to 3 Megabytes/image. Enjoy sharing!

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