How to Send Message without Saving Number on WhatsApp Plus

Do you know what’s the most tricky task to make on the WhatsApp official application? Sending Messages, I’m talking about the particular times when we want to send messages to those of our friends whose number isn’t already saved on our phonebook.

Everyone has got annoyed about this, as they don’t get enough time to save someone’s number in the phonebook and later send him the message or media.

Why is Zuck not making it handy to just put in someone’s number on the WhatsApp app interface and click a simplistic button stating MESSAGE to message him immediately? What if we would admit that you won’t need to worry about this struggle from here this moment?

Send Message without Saving Number on WhatsApp Plus

Let me describe to you with the below video how WhatsApp Plus from is capable of sending all your crucial messages to WhatsApp users without even saving their number in the phonebook.

We love simplifying things, and that’s why we are also listing the next steps to follow for sending messages to the contacts not saved on your phonebook. Again, it’s a mere procedure, and follows as below – 

  • Download and install the WhatsApp Plus APK from this link on your Smartphone.
  • Create your account and complete the verification procedure to jump on the WhatsApp window.
  • Finally, you’ll glimpse a three-dot menu sign in the top-right corner. Hit it!
  • Locate the “Message a Number” tab on the menu and click it.
  • Finally, ask for that number from your friend or anyone you wanna text and inscribe that on the number window. 
  • Click the bottom-right Message button promptly and you’ll get redirected to the messaging window. 

That’s it! Now, write the message you want to send this recipient and click on the Send icon similarly to what you did on the official WhatsApp app. The only additional mere possibility you’re getting here is no need to save the number in phonebooks before messaging them.

Additionally, you would also glimpse a Call button on Step 6, which describes that you can call your friend as well, except by messaging him.

In simple words, both the tasks are accomplishable without saving numbers on the phonebook. Download WhatsApp Plus APK and take a chill pill with its advanced features!

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